Windows Memory Limits

img Hunter Day

Mar 28, 2019

The table below describes the psychical memory limits supported by each Windows version. We want to make sure our clients are aware of these limits as we begin to offer increased amounts of RAM across our server platforms. :

Version                     32bit Limit        64bit Limit
Windows 2008 Standard R2      n/a               32GB
Windows 2008 Enterprise R2    n/a                2TB
Windows 2008 Datacenter R2    n/a                2TB
Windows 2012 Standard         n/a                4TB
Windows 2012 Enterprise       n/a                n/a
Windows 2012 Datacenter       n/a                4TB
Windows 2016 Standard         n/a               24TB
Windows 2016 Datacenter       n/a               24TB
Windows 2019 Standard         n/a               24TB
Windows 2019 Datacenter       n/a               24TB

We recommend that servers using more than 4GB of RAM install a 64bit operating system over a 32bit operating system with PAE support.

Microsoft Memory Limit

Microsoft PAE